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From "Ted Troccola (JIRA)" <>
Subject [jira] [Created] (IMAGING-137) Can not set EXIF_TAG_EXIF_VERSION tag
Date Wed, 09 Jul 2014 12:20:05 GMT
Ted Troccola created IMAGING-137:

             Summary: Can not set EXIF_TAG_EXIF_VERSION tag
                 Key: IMAGING-137
             Project: Commons Imaging
          Issue Type: Bug
          Components: Format: TIFF
    Affects Versions: 1.0
         Environment: java 1.7.0_55  Commons-Imaging (build date is 3/25/2014)
            Reporter: Ted Troccola

I am unable to set EXIF_TAG_EXIF_VERSION.

I am using Maven with the following settings (the build date is 3/25/2014):


I get exceptions because it expects only 1 byte.

If I debug and inspect the metadata for a JPG file with proper Exif data, it shows 4 bytes
(48,50,50,48). This is consistent with this reference

Here is my code. To run, change the file names and run.

import java.util.List;
import org.apache.commons.imaging.ImageReadException;
import org.apache.commons.imaging.ImageWriteException;
import org.apache.commons.imaging.Imaging;
import org.apache.commons.imaging.common.IImageMetadata;
import org.apache.commons.imaging.common.IImageMetadata.IImageMetadataItem;
import org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.jpeg.JpegImageMetadata;
import org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.jpeg.exif.ExifRewriter;
import org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.tiff.TiffImageMetadata;
import org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.tiff.constants.ExifTagConstants;
import org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.tiff.write.TiffOutputDirectory;
import org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.tiff.write.TiffOutputSet;

public class ExifExample
    public static void logImageMetaData(final File jpgImageFile) throws ImageReadException,
        // Get all metadata stored in Exif format (i.e., from JPEG or TIFF).
        final IImageMetadata metadata = Imaging.getMetadata(jpgImageFile);

        if (metadata instanceof JpegImageMetadata)
            final JpegImageMetadata jpegMetadata = (JpegImageMetadata) metadata;

            final List<IImageMetadataItem> items = jpegMetadata.getItems();
            for (int i = 0; i < items.size(); i++)
                final IImageMetadataItem item = items.get(i);
                System.out.println("    "
                        + "item: " + item);

    private static TiffOutputSet getMetadata(final File jpegImageFile) throws ImageReadException,
IOException, ImageWriteException
        TiffOutputSet outputSet = null;

        // metadata might be null if no metadata is found.
        final IImageMetadata metadata = Imaging.getMetadata(jpegImageFile);
        final JpegImageMetadata jpegMetadata = (JpegImageMetadata) metadata;
        if (null != jpegMetadata)
            // Exif might be null if no Exif metadata is found.
            final TiffImageMetadata exif = jpegMetadata.getExif();

            if (null != exif)
                /* TiffImageMetadata class is immutable (read-only).
                 * TiffOutputSet class represents the Exif data to write.
                 * Usually, we want to update existing Exif metadata by changing
                 * the values of a few fields, or adding a field.
                 * In these cases, it is easiest to use getOutputSet() to
                 * start with a "copy" of the fields read from the image.
                outputSet = exif.getOutputSet();
        return outputSet;

    public static void writeExifData(File jpegImageFile, File destImageFile) throws IOException,
ImageReadException, ImageWriteException
        try (OutputStream os = new BufferedOutputStream(new FileOutputStream(destImageFile)))
            TiffOutputSet outputSet = new TiffOutputSet();

            // Create the Exif directory tags
            final TiffOutputDirectory exifDirectory = outputSet.getOrCreateExifDirectory();

             * TODO: How do you set ExifVersion
             * Exception in thread "main" org.apache.commons.imaging.ImageWriteException:
Tag expects 1 value(s), not 4
               at org.apache.commons.imaging.formats.tiff.write.TiffOutputDirectory.add(
               at com.ttinc.util.exif.ExifExample.writeExifData(
               at com.ttinc.util.exif.ExifExample.main(
            exifDirectory.add(ExifTagConstants.EXIF_TAG_EXIF_VERSION, "0221".getBytes());

            new ExifRewriter().updateExifMetadataLossless(jpegImageFile, os, outputSet);

    public static void main(String args[]) throws Exception
        File destinationImageFile = new File("C:\\temp\\DestImage.jpg");

        writeExifData(new File("C:\\temp\\SourceImage.jpg"), destinationImageFile);


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