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From Alexander Nozik <>
Subject Re: [math] Automatic differentiation with names
Date Mon, 19 Feb 2018 13:12:05 GMT
On 19.02.2018 15:58, Gilles wrote:
> Unless I'm totally off base, I guess a code written in Kotlin
> needs specific support (e.g. a library dependency) to be run
> on a JVM.
If you do not use standard library, then no, you do not need anything 
else. And I mean that code could be rewritten in java and all references 
to the standard library replaced by pure java analogues.

>> But I can convert kotlin code back to Java.
> Is it a one-time port (and thereon, maintenance is done on the
> Java code)?  Or do you mean a conversion step (as part of the
> build for example) that creates Java sources (or bytecode) so
> that maintenance requires coding in Kotlin?
I mean one-time conversion. What we are talking about is a minor change 
to the code that probably won't need special long-time support. My 
project currently is in Java 8, Groovy and Kotlin, and I am not able to 
support something, which requires backward compatibility with older 
versions (do not really have tome for that).

>> Commons math does not
>> support newer versions of JVM with functional features,
> My latest suggestion is to target Java 8.
I totally agree. Java 8 adds a lot of functional-style features which 
are life-savers for mathematical tools.

>> so for now it
>> easier to think in kotlin,
> Not for me. :-}
> I can imagine it has interesting features for those who
> use it.  But are those indispensable for the project we
> are talking about?

The major things are extension functions and receivers. Everything could 
be done using plain old java, but it looks much more cumbersome.

>> and then produce Java6 compatible
>> classes.
> Do you have a requirement to use Java 6?
I have requirement for Java 8, but I am sure, everything could be 
implemented using older standards.

I have few different things in mind. Most of them are possible and 
rather simple in pure Java. I will get back to you, when I have a piece 
of free time to work on it.

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