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From Benedikt Ritter <>
Subject Re: Hello and possible addition
Date Wed, 03 Jan 2018 07:06:29 GMT
Hello Otto,

> Am 02.01.2018 um 04:28 schrieb Otto Fowler <>:
> Hello Commons,
> My name is Otto Fowler ( ottobackwards on github, otto -AT- at
> apache ), and I’m a PMC member of the Apache Metron
> <> project.
> While working on adding some timing functionality to a Metron feature, I
> came across the
> Stopwatch
> <>
> class, but found that it didn’t suite my needs.
> What I wanted to do was to create a timing from a top level function in our
> Stellar
> <>
> dsl, and have have a group of related timings, such that the end result was
> the overall time of the call, and nested timings of other calls executed
> during the dsl execution of that function. These timings would all be
> named, and have a path for identification and include timing the language
> compiler/execution as well as the function execution itself. It would be
> helpful if they were tagged in some way as well, such that the consumer
> could filter during visitation.
> So I have written StackWatch <>
> to provide this functionality, and submitted it in a Metron PR
> <>.
> From the PR description:
> StackWatch
> A set of utility classes under the new package stellar.common.timing have
> been added. These provide the StackWatch functionality.
> StackWatch provides an abstraction over the Apache Commons StopWatch class
> that allows callers to create multiple named and possibly nested timing
> operations.
> <…>
> This class may be more generally useful to this and other projects, but I
> am not sure where it would live since we wouldn’t want it in common.
> StackWatch uses a combination of Deque and a custom Tree implementation to
> create, start and end timing operations.
> A Visitor pattern is also implemented to allow for retrieving the results
> after the completion of the operation.
> See the StackWatch tests for examples of nested function timings.
> ------------------------------
> A quick look at the PR and it’s test or the github project ( they are in
> sync ) should show the idea.
> I am sending this to see if this functionality would be appropriate for
> commons in some way. If so, the I can create the jira and submit the pr.
> Even if it is not appropriate, any feedback or pr’s on the github project
> would still be most welcome.
> Thanks for all the work that has made commons so valuable to other Apache
> projects and java developers in general!

This sounds like a useful tool. Nobody objected against adding it to commons lang, so I don’t
see a reason not to include it. All Apache committers have write access to the commons repositories,
so you good go ahead and add it yourself! But maybe it makes sense to create a Pull Request
against the commons lang GitHub mirror so people are triggered to have a look :-)


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