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From Rob Tompkins <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Commons Jelly 1.0.1 based on RC3.
Date Sat, 02 Sep 2017 02:35:14 GMT

Commons Jelly 1.0.1 RC3 is available for review here: (svn revision 21410)

The tag is here:

Commit the tag points at:

Maven Artifacts:

These are the Maven artifacts and their hashes:

(SHA1: 1ccd4030ed815d9b3f88883b020c0b9e212f709b)
(SHA1: 36657bc375f8dcade51d1dbd067a80126895b41e)
(SHA1: b77f35770a0476d575b777130f5629693e292374)
(SHA1: 65333d0abdce02b3ae3a54c513c19b7aa04749ba)
(SHA1: 6f6b0cd5bf67fce3e176208fb89e8f5a9a7fd517)
(SHA1: 73d76f9bf582799717c42eaa951885933231d62e)
(SHA1: dbc0153a76f706f4cb44f5631633157adbeb6a4d)
(SHA1: 8ef47080d6baf4910f4707e3ce5612d32cd17fc0)
(SHA1: cb34a2dfac65164f1a214d99e0701064fd251172)
(SHA1: 868f8155ad8cddcbe3f72367091b9787d7b002b6)
(SHA1: e1f7a6949a3d452b32236f1eec91b1629fec847b)
(SHA1: 58ed6f095e6159a202c75fe62f08137a14814e7c)

I have tested this with JDK 1.5.0_22-b03 using Ant 1.6.0. Notes on building can be found in
the included in the source distributions.

Details of changes since 1.0 are in the release notes:

      I have no site as this was generated with ant. My plan was to simply make minimal 
      changes to the existent site for the purpose of documenting the patch.


Please review the release candidate and vote.
This vote will close no sooner that 72 hours from now,
i.e. sometime after 02:40 (UTC) 5-September 2017

  [ ] +1 Release these artifacts
  [ ] +0 OK, but...
  [ ] -0 OK, but really should fix...
  [ ] -1 I oppose this release because...

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