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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Commons Email 1.5 Based on RC1
Date Sat, 29 Jul 2017 14:24:04 GMT
We have fixed quite a few bugs and added some significant enhancements
since Email 1.4 was released, so I would like to release Email 1.5.

Email 1.5 RC1 is available for review here:
    (svn revision 20667)

The tag is here:
    (svn revision 1803366)
    N.B. the SVN revision is required because SVN tags are not immutable.

Maven artifacts are here:

These are the Maven artifacts and their SHA1 hashes

e8e677c6362eba14ff3c476ba63ccb83132dbd52  commons-email-1.5.jar
6ccc8b44cb666b849b71ecc6fa32549a6461c099  commons-email-1.5-javadoc.jar
09d31911480b5148275d8a26c60e355bbcbe9ae3  commons-email-1.5.pom
dbe951d1b89eb9472b4b2c8f618b8bc9783b6623  commons-email-1.5-sources.jar
15afde52264e316438802b5bd05d34bc424bf659  commons-email-1.5-tests.jar
e157492dfd776839387a6ce4af0d191e0a92a534  commons-email-1.5-test-sources.jar

I have tested this with JDK 8 using Maven 3.0.5.

As usual when I cut a release the site is not the one I'll publish
once the vote has succeeded. I'll recreate the site once the release
date is known.

I've already copied the javadocs for 1.4 so
already is available. The javadoc links and download page certainly
don't work in the staging site.

Details of changes since 1.4 are in the release notes:


Clirr Report (compared to 1.4):

RAT Report:


Please review the release candidate and vote.
This vote will close no sooner that 72 hours from now,
i.e. sometime after 14:30 UTC 1-Aug 2017

  [ ] +1 Release these artifacts
  [ ] +0 OK, but...
  [ ] -0 OK, but really should fix...
  [ ] -1 I oppose this release because...


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