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From Duncan Jones <>
Subject [TEXT] How do we want to handle case conversions?
Date Sun, 21 May 2017 12:06:21 GMT
Hi everyone,

I’ve found some time to continue breaking WordUtils into separate classes (eschewing the
“big collection of static methods” approach). However, as I read more about case handling
in Unicode, I realise how simplistic the WordUtils methods are and how complex a full solution
would need to be.

Section 5.18 of the Unicode specification [1] describes these complexities. The mains ones
that bother me are:

1. Title case conversions vary widely between different locales and languages. I’m not clear
whether any locale is satisfied by the current simplistic implementation in WordUtils.capitalize(str).
Supporting this correctly would be a serious challenge.

2. All types of case conversion may vary depending upon context/locale. There are examples
provided in [1] where the outcome is different in a Turkish locale or if the letter in question
is followed by another or not.

Does anyone have a suggestion for how to move forward with this work? I see three options:
1] Admit defeat and avoid the case conversion mess entirely. 2] Mimic the existing functionality,
but document the limitations. 3] Attempt to deliver a locale-dependent version, perhaps still
with limitations (or for certain languages).

I’m leaning towards 2, perhaps even calling the classes “SimpleX…”.


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