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From "Bruno P. Kinoshita" <>
Subject [all] Should our gitignore files contain only build-related entries?
Date Sat, 27 May 2017 13:29:22 GMT

[collections] recently received a pull request [1] to add VIM files to the gitignore file.
Its currently gitignore contains only a few entries for Eclipse ([lang] has more entries for

I remember asking something similar, and learning about the global gitignore. But besides
that, in the same thread, Benedikt suggested having only build files ignored in our gitignore
files [2], which I think is a good idea. Our components do not follow any rule for gitignore
files I think. I normally check [lang] when I need to add a .gitignore to a new computer,
but just realized [text] and [lang] gitignore files differ ([lang] has a .checkstyle file
under the Eclipse ignored files).

I'm okay merging the pull request for [collections], but then we may also add the remaining
entries from [lang] there... except this pull request adds *.swp which is missing from [lang].
So should we add it there too? 

Some days ago I used NetBeans to test a generics suppress warning message [3], but we may
have developers using it as main IDE too. Would it be all right to merge pull requests for
it too? Or for files generated by plug-ins for Eclipse/IntelliJ/etc?
What about 1) leaving only files generated by our build tools, 2) add a comment to the .gitignore
file describing how it works with links, 3) add a comment to and/or to the perhaps with a sample
global gitignore file?



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