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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [ALL] The Commons Math issue
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2017 13:22:23 GMT
[sorry for the comments from the peanut gallery, I haven't been
following MATH and likely will never contribute anything substantial]

On 2017-04-12, Gilles wrote:

> On Wed, 12 Apr 2017 12:03:05 +0200, Emmanuel Bourg wrote:

>> What do you expect now that is blocked by the PMC?

> With "Commons RNG", I think that I showed that the "new, small,
> focused components" route is the right one.[1]

I agree.

> Last time I acted (to request a "git" repository from INFRA), you
> (IIRC, pardon me if I'm wrong) complained ;-) that it had not been
> agreed upon...

The details are escaping me, maybe you need to state your desire to
break a new piece out of MATH as a separate component first and give
people time to comment before requesting a repo for it? Alternatively
start inside the sandbox (I hope nobody has ever stopped anybody from
creating a sandbox component - but I may certainly have missed it).

> IMO, there is a contradiction in the PMC being both passive (not
> contributing to the overall health of CM[2]) and active (in preventing
> "do-ocracy" wrt the choice of a roadmap for CM[3]).

You can count myself into the camp of people who are willing to let a
component go dormant if it doesn't get maintained. But I'm unlikely to
go actively looking for unmaintained components. Looking at the commits
of commons-math it seems to get some love from time to time, not enough
that anybody would want to cut a release, though.

I'm not sure we need a roadmap. IMHO if you can identify a viable subset
of MATH you want to maintain as a separate component, then you should be
able to do just that. At the same time this shouldn't prevent anybody
else from working on MATH if they really want to.

> Moreover, the lack of interest shown by the PMC:

proves that nobody apart from Rob is willing to cut a MATH release right
now. The same would likely be true for a few other components as well
(the last DISCOVERY release is almost six years old) and it doesn't
worry me at all. It only says "MATH may be a candidate for going
dormant" to me.

This is a PMC member view and certainly not the view of a MATH user. But
you are asking for a PMC opinion.

> is a worrying indication that any further work can be doomed to not
> get the minimal support for an official release, even if there would
> be no "technical reason"[4] to prevent such release.

Not really. I regularly ask for feedback on COMPRESS without getting any
responses but still manage to collect enough votes when I want to carve
a new release. Fortunately there are a few "hero"s (many thanks to you!)
on this list who manage to review RCs and cast votes for almost every
candidate thrown their way, I'm not one of them.


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