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From sebb <>
Subject [VOTE] Commons-net 3.6 based on RC1
Date Sat, 11 Feb 2017 16:55:01 GMT
It's about time to release the next version of NET.


NET 3.6 RC1 is available for review here:


  Maven artifacts are here:

These are the artifacts and their hashes

(SHA1: f683bc005e0767f257bfd9eae6ba0124defde123)
(SHA1: c7d05f840d862008f6303f9ac684b0a1bac5e008)
(SHA1: 5d0261c00f6a4a82bae1f6c570e4de20401c8f7b)
(SHA1: 9dd75a32c1edbde107486895f8f35258371227bb)
(SHA1: d66546454f7fcec996296bbe8d709851fddf0c81)
(SHA1: 93485df622081fe815417e06d5acfbb9e97a0636)
(SHA1: 961dc27eabbe71bf32478baffe0e1be915ce7689)
(SHA1: b71de00508dcb078d2b24b5fa7e538636de9b3da)
(SHA1: 7d6800824dfed812250c64d9a8c9d4f4ddd5299b)

Details of changes since 3.5 are in the release notes:

  I have tested this with JDK 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 using Apache Maven 3.3.9

  The tag is here:

   (some *relative* links are broken - these will be OK once the site
is deployed)

  Clirr Report (compared to 3.5):

  RAT Report:


  Please review the release candidate and vote.
  This vote will close no sooner than 72 hours from now,
  i.e. sometime after 17:00 GMT Feb 14 2016

  [ ] +1 Release these artifacts
  [ ] +0 OK, but...
  [ ] -0 OK, but really should fix...
  [ ] -1 I oppose this release because...


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