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From Charles Honton <>
Subject [ALL] Changing the commons process
Date Fri, 23 Dec 2016 20:54:14 GMT
Several recent email threads have discussed our parent pom and release process.  The process
we have derive from Apache Common’s rich history which pre-dates many current distribution
practices.  I’d like to summarize several quirks with our current releases:
The official release source tarball contains just the sources, not all the project files.
 Building the artifact from just the src directory without the pom would be extremely difficult.
The commons parent pom attaches the source tarball to the maven release for the side effects
of signing/checksumming the source tarball.  This induces a manual step of removing the source
tarballs from the staging repository.
We publish convenience binaries to  I doubt
anyone consumes these binaries.  Most developers use Maven Central.  Extremely security conscious
downstream projects consume the distribution source tarballs.
The distribution artifacts are doubled in size by providing both .zip and tar.gz versions.
Slightly different artifacts are published to Apache Distribution Site vs Maven Central.

Now the questions:

1. Are there any concerns with publishing the source and source-test jars produced by maven-source-plugin
as the official distribution artifacts?  This would make the official distribution artifacts
published to the same as the convenience source
artifacts published to Maven Central.

2. Are there concerns with not publishing the convenience binaries to
 Alternatively, are there concerns with using the the jar produced by maven-jar-plugin as
the convenience binary artifact?  This would make the convenience binary artifact published
to the same as the convenience binary artifacts
published to Maven Central.

Some background information to help contemplate these questions:

When releasing a package, Apache Commons publishes the official source tarball at
 The Apache Release Policy <>
and Release Signing Policy <>
“Every ASF release must contain a source package, which must be sufficient for a user to
build and test the release provided they have access to the appropriate platform and tools”
"Every artifact distributed to the public through Apache channels MUST be accompanied by one
file containing an OpenPGP compatible ASCII armored detached signature and another file containing
an MD5 checksum.” (.asc file and .md5 file)

Apache Commons also distributes convenience binaries at
These convenience binaries must also be signed and checksummed.

For even more convenience, Apache Commons also publishes packages to Maven Central.  Maven
Central policy <> requires:
“Projects with packaging other than pom have to supply JAR files that contain Javadoc and
“All files deployed need to be signed with GPG/PGP and a .asc file containing the signature
must be included for each file.”
A pom file with 
Correct Coordinates
Project Name, Description and URL
License Information
Developer Information
SCM Information
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