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From Bernd Porr <>
Subject Re: [Filter] Better name? (Was: [math] IIR filter library [...])
Date Thu, 24 Nov 2016 08:20:10 GMT
Hi Gilles,

I like the idea of "SigProc". Filter is a bit too narrow especially when 
we also include more exoctic processing and/or analysis etc.

In terms of complex: the filter package uses complex numbers but that's 
totally transparent to the user so for those who are not into DSP might 
not look it up there. Also, if we add FIR filter design at some point 
then that's usually done with the Fourier Transform.

How would you organise the different sub-packages in SigProc? Let say we 
have IIR, Kalman and FIR. At least IIR and Kalman consist of approx 10 
java files so ideally they should live in subdirectories at least so we 
could create sub-packages then?


On 23/11/16 13:34, Gilles wrote:
> Hi Bernd, Eric (and others).
> I was about to request a JIRA project for the "filter" component.[1]
> The name "FILTER" is not taken (as a JIRA project) but it would
> be better if we are sure that the name will stick (rather than have
> to later change the JIRA id or keep one that would not be close to
> the component's name.
> How about "Sig(nal) Proc(essing)"?
> Alternatively, would there be any sense to develop this codebase as
> a module within the "Commons Complex" project.[2]
> IOW, is it foreseen that "Filter" will depend on any code other than
> what is going to end up in the "Complex" project?[3]
> Regards,
> Gilles
> [1] Currently, an empty directory in the "sandbox" SVN repository.
> [2] Currently, an empty git repository.
> [3] AFAICT: Classes from
>       o.a.c.math4.complex
>       o.a.c.math4.analysis.solvers
>       o.a.c.math4.transform
>     packages.
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