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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: [daemon] Improvements
Date Tue, 01 Nov 2016 16:43:59 GMT
On 1 November 2016 16:38:27 GMT+00:00, Guillaume Ch <> wrote:
>2016-11-01 16:55 GMT+01:00 Gary Gregory <>:
>> Hi,
>> I'm not sure I get the big picture here of changes like this one...
>> Microsoft has a free tools [1] and this code targets the Microsoft
>> environment, it seems like jumping through more hoops to
>"de-Microsoft" the
>> code, don't you think?
>In fact this is much more the usage of a non C standard compliance
>My remark about MSVC __try/__finally is also applicable for any non C
>standardized syntaxes.
>> On the flip side, this component has not seen a release in a long
>time and
>> could use some attention, so I am grateful you are spending time on
>it. But
>> there are JIRA issues to address that are non-cosmetic.
>I  agree about priority tickets must be processed before my proposal.
>If you are interested, I can spend some time to solve some tickets ?
>[1] I'm for strictly applying language standard, and avoid any kind of

I can hopefully find some time to look at the open issues this month. I'm less interested
in cosmetic changes than I am interested in fixes for actual bugs.


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