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From Gilles <>
Subject Re: [ALL] Get things moving with "random utilities"
Date Tue, 18 Oct 2016 14:18:15 GMT
Hello Bruno.

On Sat, 15 Oct 2016 20:57:04 +0000 (UTC), Bruno P. Kinoshita wrote:
> Hi Gilles,
> Definitely interested in helping and learning more about random
> (number|string|object|etc) generators.
> Are there any specific tasks that others can jump in and help with?

In the yet-to-be-named "Commons <random utilities>" component,
everything is up for grabs, from extracting the relevant bits
from "Math" and "Lang", to proposing an all-encompassing
framework (if people think they can achieve it...).
The scope is open-ended (or should be defined if there is a
willingness to impose some limit).

> Once the new component has been set up,

For this, we should start with settling on a name, so that INFRA
can create a repository with that name.

  * Random Utilities
  * Random Utils
  * Random Tools
  * ...


> I'd be happy in trying to work
> on code related to LANG-1196 and LANG-1254.



> Cheers
> Bruno
>> From: Gilles <>
>>Sent: Sunday, 16 October 2016 5:08 AM
>>Subject: [ALL] Get things moving with "random utilities" (Was: [lang] 
>> Shuffling arrays (was: [RNG] Scope of "Commons RNG"))
>>On Fri, 7 Oct 2016 16:00:05 +0100, sebb wrote:
>>> [...]
>>>> But overall it would be much better to put all this in a new
>>>> component
>>>> and deprecate all of CL's "Random"-parameterized methods.
>>>> It was noted (not only by me) that CL grew too big (and out of its
>>>> original
>>>> scope).  "RandomUtils" is relatively small (in Lang 3.4): now is a
>>>> good
>>>> opportunity to deprecate these few methods and those intended for
>>>> 3.5
>>>> and redirect users to a dedicated component.
>>> +1
>>>> [...]
>>Within the context of a forthcoming release of "Commons RNG" and
>>identified shortcomings of the random-related utilities implemented
>>in "Commons Lang", e.g.:
>>I'm proposing to ask INFRA to create a new git repository, to become
>>the "Commons" home of random utilities, i.e. anything that _uses_ an
>>"external" source of randomness (as opposed to _implementations_
>>of (P)RNG algorithms, which is the scope of "Commons RNG").
>>Examples of utilities:
>>  * non-uniform deviates (to be extracted from "Commons Math")
>>  * extended tools, such as "numbers within a range" (to be
>>    extracted from "Commons Lang") and "quasi-random" generators
>>    (to be extracted from "Commons Math"),
>>  * string utilities (to be extracted from "Commons Math" and
>>    "Commons Lang"),
>>  * shuffling of primitive arrays and "List<T>" (to be extracted
>>    from "Commons Math"),
>>  * bridges between alternative APIs:
>>      - java.util.Random
>>      - java.util.SplittableRandom
>>      - UniformRandomProvider from "Commons RNG" (to be extracted
>>        from "Commons Math")
>>      - other Java libraries
>>  * wrappers around "external" sources of randomness, e.g. system
>>    devices (UNIX) and native libraries, and interface extensions
>>    needed to support them (streams, IO handling, etc.).
>>Given the variety of the above (non-exhaustive) list, it is
>>foreseen that the component will be "multi-modules"[1] in order
>>to let users depend only on what they need for their use-case.
>>[For example, an engineering application could need non-uniform
>>deviates (e.g. Gaussian-distributed sequences), but should not
>>be required to depend on the (orthogonal) development of string
>>generators or cryptographic features.]
>>[1] Help is most welcome to set this up.

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