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From Bernd Porr <>
Subject Re: [math] IIR filter library (Butterworth,Bessel,...)
Date Mon, 24 Oct 2016 13:59:02 GMT

On 24/10/16 14:26, Gilles wrote:
> Hi.
>> [...]
>>> The next step, then (I think) is that as a committer, I can submit a
>>> proposal to get this idea established in the Incubator as a podling
>>> for a
>>> commons sub-project.
> I suggest to use the sandbox, within "Commons".
Stupid queston: where do I find that?

In terms of directory structure. Just now the "filter subdir" contains a 
couple of classes all belonging to the Kalman filter.

Then I'll be adding a couple of classes belonging the IIR filters.

At some point somebody will be adding classes for FIR filters.

Perhaps one could create subdirs:

filter - Kalman
        - IIR
        - FIR
        - ...

What do you think?

>> Thanks!
>>> The one technical question I have is whether it is okay to use Math
>>> 3.x as
>>> a dependency for now, presumably substituting spin-out former math
>>> components in later, to ensure that all of our dependencies are actively
>>> maintained. I am going to assume this is okay for reasons of momentum.
>> I think Math 3.x should be fine. I had it at 3.2 and now changed it to
>> 3.6.1 and it works fine. All filters generate the right response.
> If you need to depend on "Commons Math", please depend on the
> development version (a.k.a. CM version 4), as it is from there
> that code must extracted to create candidate components.
That makes sense. I use heavily the Complex numbers of Commons Math and 
the Laguerre root finder. No other dependencies.

> Whatever you need to depend on for the "filter" package is a
> strong candidate to examine thoroughly and revamp, if necessary,
> for inclusion in a component of its own (or "filter" itself).
No sure what you mean by this. Can give an example?

So, that do I need to do at this point?


> Best regards,
> Gilles
>>> [...]
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