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From Stian Soiland-Reyes <>
Subject Re: [REMINDER][VOTE][RC1] Release Commons Rng 1.0
Date Wed, 14 Sep 2016 13:53:29 GMT
On 14 September 2016 at 10:14, Gilles <> wrote:
> This is a [VOTE] for releasing Apache Commons Rng 1.0 (from RC1).
> Commit ID the tag points at:
>   f8d23082607b9f2c7be7f489eb09627722440ee5

Thanks, Gilles!

I'm afraid my vote is: -0 as the source zip is missing and and the site is not updated. Everything else looks
good though!


+1 checksums
+1 signatures
+1 source zip vs tar.gz
+1 binaries zip vs tar.gz
+1 mvn apache-rat:check (if using ignores from <reporting>)
+1 maven repo matches source (on -src.tar,
+1 mvn clean install
+1 javadoc
+1 RELEASE-NOTES  (Should it mention that this was in math before?)

-1 git tag vs source zip
   source zip is missing and (and doc, which
I think it's correct to exclude)
-1 binaries vs source
    binaries zip is missing and (and doc,
which I think it's correct to exclude)
-1 README missing from both source and bniaries
-1 site stlil says "There isn't any release yet" etc on front page.
"Javadoc 1.0" link in menu is broken.

Tested with

$ mvn -v
Apache Maven 3.3.9 (bb52d8502b132ec0a5a3f4c09453c07478323dc5;
Maven home: /home/stain/software/maven
Java version: 1.8.0_91, vendor: Oracle Corporation
Java home: /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64/jre
Default locale: en_GB, platform encoding: UTF-8
OS name: "linux", version: "4.4.0-36-generic", arch: "amd64", family: "unix"

Stian Soiland-Reyes

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