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From Rob Tompkins <>
Subject Re: [MATH]: Current state of project?
Date Tue, 02 Aug 2016 15:55:37 GMT

> On Aug 1, 2016, at 10:58 PM, Artem Barger <> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> It's been a while since there was a lot of hot discussion regarding the
> future of the CM project, however I do not think that clear agreement was
> reached. The reason I'm wondering is because I'd like to contribute to the
> project and in fact already did, but doesn't looks like it gonna be
> accepted/checked any soon.

Hey Artem,

I agree. I've decided to make some contributions in commons more generally to gain report
as to become a committer. Until I can do that, I'm guessing that it'll just be Gilles accepting
pill requests. 


> I have reported following issues and provided PR with proposed fixes:
> 1. [MATH-1374] -
> 2. [MATH-1372] -
> 3. [MATH-1371] -
> Reported and attached small improvement [MATH-1378].
> Also I have some work in progress related to [MATH-1330].
> I've been asking couple of times here in ML to review or suggest any
> improvements for bugs I've reported and PR proposed, but apparently things
> is not moving forward I guess due to the fact that there didn't remained
> any active committers/contributes.
> Is there any decision has been made? Is Math project could be considered as
> "dead" and no more future development is going to happen?
> I'm still willing to contribute to the project, but I'm really concern of
> current "frozen" state, since it feels that any submition of changes or
> reporting bugs to the project goes directly to "/dev/null".
> Best regards,
>                      Artem Barger.

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