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From Amedee Van Gasse <>
Subject Re: [IMAGING] Update from Java 5 to 7.
Date Wed, 20 Jul 2016 14:24:14 GMT
Hello Apache Commons devs,

I work for iText Software. In our product iText, more specifically in 
the module Xtra, we have a dependency on commons-imaging:


It's used only in this class:

iText 5.x.x is targeted at Java 5, because that covers most of our 
existing customer base. We also have an iText 7.x.x, targeted at Java 7, 
but it's API is incompatible with iText 5. iText 5 won't be EOL until at 
least 1.5 years from now.

I am fully aware of the risks of having a dependency on a SNAPSHOT. 
There are historical reasons why this was done anyway. That being said, 
our customers who are still on Java 5 and who use our Xtra module, could 
run into problems.

We have a couple of options:
1. Tell our affected customers to move to Java 7
2. Swich the dependency from commons-imaging to sanselan, and loose some 
3. Remove the functionality that depends on commons-imaging alltogether
4. Depend on a 'release' of commons-imaging that is on Java 5.

Regarding option 4, is there anything that Apache Commons can do? We 
would really like to avoid forking commons-imaging and having to 
maintain it ourselves.

However, if the answer really is no, we will explore the other options.

Kind regards,

Amedee Van Gasse
QA Engineer | iText Software BVBA

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