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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: [ALL] Need help with contributing for first time
Date Tue, 21 Jun 2016 15:19:46 GMT
Welcome Suresh

On 2016-06-20, Suresh Sarda wrote:

> I am new to apache commons and want to contribute to the library. I
> tried to search for issues in commons-lang but all the issues were
> quite old. I need help on which project to contribute or what task to
> take.

Apart from the advice Stian has given, I can only recommend to turn the
question around. What would you like to work on? What are you interested

I assume you want to contribute because you like programming and this is
supposed to be fun. So try to have fun.

If you are into utility code then take a close look at lang or
collections or io (to name a few). If you know and enjoy image
manipulation, there is imaging. If you fancy bit fiddling, crypto or
compress may be for you. Pick your poison :-)

And don't let the age of open issues get into your way. Some of them
have been open and untouched because nobody knows how to implement/fix
them (or found the time to do so). If you know how to do it and would
enjoy doing so, now is the best time to tackle the issue.



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