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From Gilles <>
Subject [VOTE] New component: Random number generators
Date Tue, 21 Jun 2016 19:31:48 GMT

This is one of several votes for establishing new Commons components
out of functionality developed inside the "Commons Math" component.

This vote is dedicated to the following functionality:
   Uniform (pseudo-)random number generators

The concerned code is the contents of the following classes and 
located in the "develop" branch of Commons Math:;a=tree;f=src/main/java/org/apache/commons/math4/rng;h=3f7313a705b1f517dc11f3d2b3983434852f4c02;hb=refs/heads/develop

  * Code in the above package was never released.
  * This component will have no dependency.
  * Code size: ~1800 lines of code (unit tests not included).
  * API: stable (probably).
  * Estimated minimum Java version: 6

All are welcome to vote, especially potential users of the candidate
component and people who'd like to contribute to it, through user 
bug-fixes and enhancements, documentation, release management.

[ ] +1, this would be a valid Commons component.
[ ] -1, this won't be a good Commons component because ...


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