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From Woonsan Ko <>
Subject Re: [SCXML] Proposal to move to Java 8 minimum and drop/replace XML/XPath support with JSON
Date Mon, 16 May 2016 18:21:03 GMT
I've just created JIRA tickets for the proposal:
- (Moving to Java 8 in 2.0)
- (Drop XML/XPath
based data model in 2.0)

Replacing Rhino JS evaluator by Nashorn was already done with
SCXML-245, so there are only two items regarding this proposal.
SCXML-250 could probably take more time to replace existing tests



On Wed, Dec 23, 2015 at 7:00 AM, Ate Douma <> wrote:
> We'll now make a start with executing on the below proposal, moving to Java
> 8 first and then introducing JSON datamodel support to replace and drop
> XML/XPath datamodel thereafter.
> Regards, Ate
> On 2015-12-09 10:15, Ate Douma wrote:
>> Since early this year the progress and development of Commons SCXML 2.0
>> has
>> severely declined because of two major technical hurdles, and thereafter
>> of
>> both motivation and lack of time:
>> - The SCXML XML/XPath datamodel support has been dropped from the final
>> W3C SCXML 1.0 specification [1], because of too many functional and
>> semantic
>> complications and limitation, as well as lack of interest for implementing
>> it.
>> The implementation of the XML/XPath datamodel in Commons SCXML has been
>> problematic for precisely the same reasons.
>> And not being able to provide such implementation properly by us (Commons
>> SCXML) actually has been one (final) argument for dropping it from the
>> specification...
>> - The implementation of the Javascript datamodel support based on the
>> old/outdated Rhino Javascript engine in Java 7 and below, turned out to be
>> quite difficult. While it turns out to be much easier and reliable, but
>> different, with the new Nashorn Javascript engine in Java 8+.
>> After bringing this first up on the user@ list earlier this week, I now
>> want to
>> propose the following major changes to revive the further development
>> towards
>> Commons SCXML 2.0:
>> - drop the support for XML/XPath based datamodel, and instead introduce a
>> much
>>    easier to implement and support JSON datamodel as alternative, for all
>> current
>>    Commons SCXML support 'languages': JEXL, Groovy and Javascript.
>> - bump the minimum Java version to 8 so we can leverage and only need to
>> support
>>    the Nashorn Javascript engine
>> The only user response so far on user@ is fully in favor of these changes,
>> and both myself and Woonsan Ko are motivated to continue developing and
>> completing the goals for Commons SCXML 2.0 based on these changes.
>> If nobody here has strong arguments against the above proposal (and
>> assuming
>> lazy consensus otherwise), we would like to start on these changes
>> shortly,
>> before the end of the year.
>> Kind regards,
>> Ate Douma
>> Woonsan Ko
>> [1]
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