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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: [VFS] WIP specific release instructions
Date Thu, 05 May 2016 17:31:52 GMT

sebb wrote:
> On 5 May 2016 at 05:49, Josh Elser<>  wrote:
>> sebb wrote:
>>> Have a look at the scripts in
>>> I used those for VALIDATOR and NET.
>> Cool. Thanks for sharing. It would be good if the generic commons release
>> documents referenced these if they are expected to be re-used by other
>> commons projects' RMs.
> They are brand new, and possibly still needing some tweaks.
> They don't work wit Git.

Gotcha. Makes sense. Thanks for bringing them up.


>>>> ---
>>>> # Or just set it to your JDK6 installation -- this works on OSX
>>>> $ export JAVA_HOME=$(/usr/libexec/java_home -v1.6)
>>>> # Where ${asf.username} for me is "elserj"
>>>> $ mvn clean package${asf.username}
>>> No need to use package if using CP40
>> What are you using instead of `package` to build the code...
> mvn deploy

Oh ok. I understand what you meant now. A package is still running, 
you're just not explicitly invoking it.

>>>> --
>>>> Some things that could still be improved that I didn't fix:
>>>> * Artifacts in dist/target are renamed when they're installed/deployed,
>>>> but
>>>> not in the local directory. Should do a rename of the file on disk so
>>>> that
>>>> what is on the RM's computer matches what is in their m2 repo and ASF
>>>> nexus.
>>> Or ignore the local copies and use which copies the
>>> bin/src artifacts from Nexus and deploys to dist/dev and can remove
>>> them from Nexus before closing the staging repo.
>>> AFAIK only the deploy directory (i.e. Nexus) has the hashes.
>>>> * `mvn site` which invokes site:site and site:stage automatically (which
>>>> would make for a more natural build process -- `mvn deploy` would build
>>>> the
>>>> site automatically)
>>> I don't follow that.
>> `mvn site` is invoking the "site" maven lifecycle phase. "mvn site:site` and
>> `mvn site:stage` are invoking executions on the maven-site-plugin. These are
>> two distinct kinds of actions. We can configure the maven-site-plugin
>> (and/or other necessary tasks) to run at the 'site' lifecycle phase for a
>> more 'natural' process.
> I see.
> I meant I did not see why 'mvn deploy ' would/should create the site.

Ah, ok. (with some steps omitted) The lifecycle phases are: package -> 
verify -> install -> site -> deploy. Running a deploy also implies that 
the site is built.

>>>> Again, for now, this is just for my benefit. When this is all over, I'll
>>>> try
>>>> to add this all to the website. Please point out anything wrong/missing.
>>>> Thanks.

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