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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject Re: Is there an missing bit in the instructions for making a release?
Date Fri, 15 Apr 2016 10:16:21 GMT
On Thu, Apr 14, 2016 at 10:33 PM, sebb <> wrote:
> On 15 April 2016 at 02:19, Benson Margulies <> wrote:
>> Sebb,
>> I don't know why you think I could distinguish the following possible
>> behaviors of prior RMs with a reasonable level of effort:
> As I have already said, I don't use the plugin.
> However I have followed release votes and AFAICR the final tag never
> been created before the vote completed.
> In all cases I can remember, the final tag is created once the vote
> has completed.
> And I am pretty certain other RMs have used the release plugin.
> So it seems clear to me that something has gone wrong here.
> I don't know what, so I think we need input from an RM who has used
> the release plugin.
> They should be able to point out what is missing from the instructions.

This started when I sent email two days ago saying that I was
perplexed by the instructions. I only proceeded when no prior RM, or
anyone else, answered.

Maybe they used -DdryRun=true and then edited. Maybe I'm just being
obtuse. We'll see.

>> 1: didn't use the maven-release-plugin
>> 2: did use the maven-release-plugin and then used svn mvn to rename
>> the tag it created
>> 3: did use the maven-release-plugin, typed 'commons-io-2.x-RCy' at the
>> prompt, and released with a pom with an incorrect scm element.
>> 4: something else I didn't think of.
>> I didn't volunteer to be an archaeologist, I volunteered to be a
>> release manager..
>> At best, the doc is, as I wrote to start this conversation,
>> incomplete, in that it does not give specific instructions for
>> achieving the PMC's goals using the plugin.
>> To me, the following sequence is inoffensive:
>> 1: run release:prepare, creating a premature 'real' tag.
>> 2: svn mv to convert that tag to an -RC tag.
>> 3: svn mv again to convert it to a (conventionally) immutable 'real
>> tag' if the vote passes.
>> However, what I find inoffensive isn't important here. I'm not a PMC
>> member here. If this PMC has a strong policy of tag immutability, then
>> this PMC needs to document a procedure that both treats tags as
>> immutable and creates completely correct poms, including the scm
>> element that has to anticipate the eventual tag. It could create that
>> policy by erasing any mention of release:prepare, or by filling in the
>> missing details (though I continue to believe that there is no way to
>> make it come out the way you want.)
>> Believe me, if I ever RM another commons release, I won't use
>> release:prepare until and unless someone writes up a step-by-step
>> guide that leads me to do so in an acceptable way.
>> If you examine the 'tags' directory in svn right now, you will see
>> that it contains what I believe that you want it to contain: no
>> commons-io-2.5 tag, but rather a commons-io-2.5-RC4 tag. So, I
>> respectfully submit that we could proceed to decide if this release is
>> good enough, and sort out the documentation later.
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