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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: [VFS] 2.1 Release Plan
Date Tue, 26 Apr 2016 22:05:01 GMT
Thanks for the great details, Bernd. Some questions/comments:

I hadn't even stumbled across VFS-570 due to its lack of fixVersion=2.1. 
Are there more that need to be correctly tagged which could potentially 
block the release of 2.1?

I'm not sure I follow you about the concern of using 
maven-release-plugin with a multi-module maven project. This works just 
fine (@see other Apache maven projects I'm involved in). If there are 
demons laying in wait, I can knock them out as I find them.

Are there instructions on running clirr? I'm not familiar with the tool 
(and I don't see any configuration in the top-level pom.xml).

Do you have the karma to make a 2.2 version on JIRA? That'd be a nice 
help to start moving stuff out of 2.1 (as well as make sure things 
sitting in Patch Available don't get forgotten). I would lean towards 
the side of only putting bug-fixes into a 2.1.1 and preferring towards 
any new features/changes into a 2.2 (to closer follow the definition of 
semver). We presently have 3 major and 1 minor version unresolved for 
fixVersion=2.1 -- these where the issues I previously referred to that I 
felt OK bumping out as well.

Gary -- "BC breakage" == base-class breakage? As in: the common 
base-class for all of the VFS Providers has changed (and would require 
changes from anyone downstream that has built their own)?

I can try to start pounding on an initial RC in the evenings this week. 
I'll be sure to reach out as I need some more help/karma ;)

Gary Gregory wrote:
> Yes, there is a BC breakage for providers, is that grounds for a package
> and Maven coordinate rename to vfs3?
> Gary
> On Tue, Apr 26, 2016 at 12:31 PM, Bernd Eckenfels<>
> wrote:
>> Hello Josh,
>> I think a VFS 2.1 release would be cool and it is good that you
>> volunteer, so I dont object. My latest todo list is here:
>> As you can see, I did plan to do the release and did quite some work to
>> get VFS into a releaseable state. But I am quite happy that you want to
>> step in as I havent had the time to do the procedure yet.
>> And this is not the actual release procedure (which should be doable as
>> long as you do not try to use the release-plugin and be careful about
>> the multi-module+sandbox nature of VFS (as opposed to other commons
>> projects)). Also be carefull about branch and tag namings (the SVN is a
>> bit messy in this regard).
>> My main concern I am afraid I would not have enough capacity is because
>> of the Clirr report and a lot of partially incompatible changes. Most
>> of them only affect providers if they do not properly use abstract base
>> classes, but still the list of Clirr violations is long and developers
>> here have not yet voiced if they would accept a RC with this situation
>> (or not).
>> Anyway, I do agree that the current critical and blocker bugs are
>> important but should not stop the 2.1 release (especially if a 2.1.1
>> release aferwards is much faster to do.) It would be cool to have
>> VFS-570 (write suport for VFS, but even that could be delivered with
>> 2.1.1 - it might annoy the HDFS folks a bit)
>> So I can help you in case you need me to sponsor some changes (I hope I
>> have enough karma now).
>> We could even make a joined RC1, I am just not sure it wont open a big
>> chunk of additional work.
>> Gruss
>> Bernd
>>   Am Tue, 26 Apr 2016 09:40:01 -0400
>> schrieb Josh Elser<>:
>>> Thanks Matt and Gary.
>>> I do recall seeing the asf-wide note that my commit-bit also applies
>>> to commons-*. Thanks for bringing that up. Specifically though, I am
>>> only interested in cutting a release -- if we can get a new release
>>> cut that we can use downstream, that increases the likelihood that I
>>> will have more things to contribute back :)
>>> I'll pull up the thread in the archives and get back to ya'll with
>>> any questions I have after that.
>>> - Josh
>>> Matt Sicker wrote:
>>>> It's from the thread called "Whatever happened to commons-io 2.5?"
>>>> A few people stepped up to give the necessary permissions and
>>>> committed his GPG key.
>>>> On 25 April 2016 at 17:10, Gary Gregory<>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> Agreed, VFS 2.1 has been too long in the making. We can release
>>>>> ASAP without fixing more bugs IMO. RERO and all.
>>>>> As an Apache committer, your are also an Apache Commons committer,
>>>>> so feel free to create JIRAs, fix bugs and so on.
>>>>> There might be some karma issues with a non-PMC member performing a
>>>>> release, and I think we just went through this (sorry, I'm in
>>>>> settling in a new house, not much time to dig in the ML archives).
>>>>> Does anyone recall?
>>>>> Gary
>>>>> On Mon, Apr 25, 2016 at 12:06 PM, Josh Elser<>
>>>>> wrote:
>>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>>> There are presently 171 resolved issues sitting in commons-vfs2
>>>>>> 2.1-SNAPSHOT, with 4 outstanding (none of which look like
>>>>>> blockers to
>>>>> me).
>>>>>> The lack of any release of commons-vfs2 in years has been a big
>>>>>> problem downstream. This past weekend, I was again annoyed by
>>>>>> bugs that have been fixed (but not release) which is spurring me
>>>>>> to take some action. There have been emails reaching back as far
>>>>>> as 2014 asking when the next
>>>>> release
>>>>>> might be, not to mention the fact that vfs-2.0 was released in
>>>>>> 2011 (!).
>>>>>> History aside, I'm reaching out today to:
>>>>>> 1) See if anyone on the PMC has the cycles to volunteer as RM.
>>>>>>     1a) If not, how can you empower me (or others) to make the
>>>>>> release on your behalf.
>>>>>> 2) Understand, specifically, what (if any) roadblocks exist to
>>>>>> release this version.
>>>>>> Thanks.
>>>>>> - Josh
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