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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject Re: [Math] How fast is fast enough?
Date Sat, 06 Feb 2016 23:34:22 GMT
1. I don't understand the source of urgency here. If someone has a new
algorithm they want to release to the general public, they can put it
on github. It does not matter very much if a method is sitting in
Apache (commons) Math on any particular schedule. It's not like adding
a feature to some platform that has to be integrated to be useful. Of
course, the 'Apache (commons) Math mark of quality' won't mean
anything if there is a sudden shift to 'movement' as a guiding
principle, so ironically the victory would be Pyrrhic.

2. JMH is the current gold standard of microbenchmark measurement. It
gives meaningful results. If someone wants to claim that they have new
code that has some particular performance on a micro scale, they
should be eager to contribute a JMH benchmark; it's not much work.

3. Apache Math can only come into existence if the board is convinced
that there is a community prepared to operated according to ASF
principles. That means finding some way to collegially resolve
disputes. There's always a trip to the incubator available.

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