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Subject RE: Maintain sub pools within Commons pool - is it possible
Date Fri, 29 Jan 2016 06:39:17 GMT

You can programmatically create and configure pools at runtime. (At least if you skip container
infrastructures). You can even dynamically register the pools in JNDI. I dont think you need
sub-pools for this. (Subpools would be more interesting for partitioning connections by transaction
or session state).

The only problem I see would be to access the dynamic pools from JPA persitence declarations,
however thats a problem which is nkt really solved with sub-pools either.


PS: i think this part of the discussion is better done on the user mailing list


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From: Krishnakumar Parasuram <>
Sent: Do., 28 Jan. 2016 16:27
Subject: RE: FW: Maintain sub pools within Commons pool - is it possible

Hi Jochen,


Thanks for your message.  The difference between to two separate pools is that in our framework
we don't know exactly how many no of separate pool we might require, it is not two, but can
scale more than 10, 20 in production environment and I think to have so many pools and that
to we have to create dynamically at runtime, not practical


If it was a sub pool, I can always create the sub pool based on demand at runtime.  Moreover
we have few parameters for each sub pool to maintain a min and max connection objects, which
parameters can be different for each sub pool and cannot be implemented while design as we
do not know these value of these parameters at design time.


Please let me know if this answers your question else let know





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