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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [math] TLP next steps
Date Sun, 24 Jan 2016 21:05:14 GMT
I just kicked off the PMC membership recruiting thread.

I think there are three more immediate things we need to do:

0) decide on a name for the new project
1) agree on initial PMC chair
2) draft a board resolution to form the new project

Post-2), there will be lots of fun to have - scm, web site, JIRA,
release / maintenance strategy, etc - but I think we can focus on
0)-2) first.

I will kick off a naming thread.  I am willing to take the initial
chair duties, but happy to let someone else do it.


On 1/20/16 6:40 AM, Phil Steitz wrote:
> I think the next logical step is to determine who the members of the
> new PMC and the new PMC chair will be.  That information will need
> to go in a Board resolution to actually form the new TLP.  I suggest
> that we start by asking for PMC volunteers among the Commons
> Committers.  Are others OK with this?  If so, I will kick off a
> volunteer for the [math] PMC thread. 
> Phil

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