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From Roger Whitcomb <>
Subject [VFS] Further changes to HDFS Provider for alternate configuration support
Date Mon, 16 Nov 2015 22:11:50 GMT
Hi all,
                In trying to solve some customer issues we're having, mainly to do with trying
to browse HDFS files when the Name Node is configured for High-Availability, I found I needed
to make some more changes/additions to the VFS HDFS Provider.  I have attached a diff/patch
file.  But, a couple of questions:

*         This is a follow-on (basically) to my earlier patch for VFS-555, should I open a
new JIRA, or just reopen the existing one?

*         Since this actually changes an API (but which is not released yet), is that an acceptable
thing to do?

*         The new properties I have added to HdfsFileSystemConfigBuilder are not actually
symmetrical, so they don't fit the definition of a Java "property", that is the setters are
"setXXX" while the getters are "getXXXs" (plural). The logic behind this is that the setters
are called by user code, and each can be called multiple times.  The getters are only (meant
to be) called by the HdfsFileSystem object (that is internally to the HdfsProvider), and thus
it is a lot easier to get all the settings at once than to have to make multiple calls, with
potentially iterators, etc.

*         Is this too big a change to fit in last-minute before the release of VFS 2.1?

Patch is attached.

~Roger Whitcomb

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