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From Thomas Neidhart <>
Subject [collections] Review of MultiValuedMap interface & implementations
Date Thu, 19 Nov 2015 23:16:13 GMT

we had to remove the use of reflection in the MultiValuedMap
implementations (due to COLLECTIONS-580), which required a huge effort
to refactor the various implementations.

Now, there are only strongly typed implementations:

  * ArrayListValuedHashMap
  * HashSetValuedHashMap

that do not rely on reflection to create value collections.
This means we loose some flexibility that we had before (there was a
MultiValuedHashMap implementation that would take a Factory to create
value collections), but it is also somehow simpler and cleaner that way.

I would like to ask people to review this interface/package and give
already feedback on class names, ...

There are still a few todos (mostly in the AbstractMultiValuedMap class)
that I need to resolve before I can make a new release, but hopefully
this should not take long anymore.

This is the last issue to resolve before I cut a new 4.1 release that
will also include the fixed for COLLECTIONS-580.



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