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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Accept Naomi
Date Fri, 30 Oct 2015 14:17:20 GMT
On 10/30/15 5:33 AM, Mark Thomas wrote:
> On 30/10/2015 00:42, Phil Steitz wrote:
>> This is a VOTE to accept the code discussed in [1] and available for
>> review using the git commands below.  All are welcome to vote, votes
>> from PMC members are binding.  Assuming a positive vote, we will
>> execute a software grant with the authors and use the code as the
>> basis for a new Commons Sandbox component. 
>> This VOTE will close in 72 hours.  More discussion on the code and
>> its fit in Commons is always welcome, but please do not reply to
>> this thread with discussion, other than embedded justification for
>> negative VOTES.  Use the thread from [1] instead.
>> Git commands to grab the code:
>> git clone
>> git checkout gh-pages
>> Thanks!
>> Phil
>> [1]
>> [ ] +1 Yes!
>> [ ] +0 OK...
>> [ ] -0 OK, but...
>> [X] -1 We should not do this, because...
> The Commons sandbox should not be used as a replacement for / way to
> bypass the Apache Incubator.

I don't see this as a case of that, as there are Commons committers
(self included) interested in working on this code in Commons.  If
you and others insist, we will do the side trip through the
Incubator, but I do not see it as necessary, nor consistent with
what we have done with other code brought in through the sandbox. 
For me, the litmus test on bringing externally sourced code into the
Sandbox (or [math] or any other component) is are there ASF
committers interested and willing to work on it and grow a community
around it.  I see the likelihood of healthy growth around the Naomi
code base higher starting in Commons than the Incubator.   I am
personally interested in working on this code.  There appear to be
others as well.  My cycles and energy for administrivia are limited,
so I would appreciate some flexibility on this.  On the other hand,
I respect alternative views and if the consensus is we have to side
trip through the Incubator, we will do that.

> Mark
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