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From Ole Ersoy <>
Subject Re: [Math] LeastSquaresOptimizer Design
Date Thu, 24 Sep 2015 13:43:38 GMT

On 09/24/2015 06:31 AM, luc wrote:
> Le 2015-09-24 04:16, Ole Ersoy a écrit :
>> On 09/23/2015 03:09 PM, Luc Maisonobe wrote:
>>> CM is not intended to be a design pattern people should mimic. We are so bad
at this it would be a shame. No one in its right mind would copy or reuse this stuff. It is
for internal use only and we don't even have the resources to manage it by ourselves so we
can't consider it as a path people should follow as we are leading them. Here we would be
leading them directly against the wall.
>> Hehe - I think that's like Michael Jordan saying - "Guys, don't try to
>> be like me.  I just play a little ball.  Dunk from the free throw
>> line.  Six world championships, but THATs it!".  In any case, I really
>> appreciate you and Gilles taking the time to talk.  Luc (And possibly
>> Gilles) - I can actually see why you are getting a bit annoyed,
>> because I'm ignoring something important.
>> I've been doing 90% NodeJS stuff lately (Which is event loop based and
>> relies callbacks) so I forgot one very important thing that I think
>> you have both tried to tell me.  The exception undoes the current
>> callstack / breaks the current program flow, bubbling up to the
>> handler.  Thaaaats a good point.
>> OK - So scratch the callback thinking for synchronous code.  The
>> Lombok stuff should still be good though and hopefully some of the
>> callback discussion around and asynchronous option - I hope! Geez.
>> What do you think about having one exception per class with an Enum
>> that encodes the various types of exceptional conditions that the
>> class can find itself in?  So in the case of
>> LevenbergMarquardtOptimizer there would be a:
>> - LevenbergMarquardtOptimizerException:
>> - LevenbergMarquardtOptimizerExceptionEnum
>> When the exception is thrown it sets the Enum indicating the root
>> cause.  The enum can then be used as a key to lookup the corresponding
>> message.
>> Any better?
> Sure. I would suggest adding some parameters to help the upper level formatting
> a meaningful message (say the number of iterations performed if you hit a max
> iteration, so users become aware they should have set the limit higher). Nothing
> over-engineered, a simple Object[] that can be used as last argument to something
> like String.format() would be enough.
Brilliant - I'll setup a repository and start experimenting.  Thanks again,
- Ole

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