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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject [dbcp] 2.2 plan - feedback requested
Date Sun, 12 Jul 2015 20:18:25 GMT
There are a few decisions to make before we start rolling RCs for
DBCP 2.2.  I would appreciate feedback / patches for the following:

Seems a reasonable request but hard to implement and test.  I would
say either WONT_FIX or bump to 3.0.  I am curious about how
important this actually is with modern drivers (i.e., whether there
actually is much cost in what we are doing in the 2.x line).

I need help reviewing the code here.  The null check fix makes the
symptom go away, but I suspect there is a deeper problem here.

I agree with Vladmir's comment on the re-open, but am hesitant to
change default behavior in a . release.  Interested in other
opinions on this.

Can moves down the road as [pool] does not yet support this. So bump
to 2.3.

Thanks in advance!


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