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From sebb <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Karma necessary for Release Manager roles
Date Tue, 23 Jun 2015 15:59:50 GMT
The default karma needed for committing to the SVN dist/release/TLP
areas is membership of the LDAP PMC group. This can be changed to be
membership of the LDAP committer group if required.

I'm not sure about the current karma needed for Nexus upload, it may
be either PMC or committer  membership. AFAIK this can be changed if

I think it would be useful to allow non-PMC members to act as release manager.
This means relaxing some of the existing technical restrictions.

However I think it would too permissive to allow any ASF committer to act as RM.
Releases cannot be reverted in the same way as commits, and need a
greater degree of experience than code/doc fixes.

So I suggest that Commons agrees that membership of the LDAP Commons
committer group be regarded as sufficient karma for performing RM

[We no longer use the LDAP Commons committer group for controlling
access to the code itself.
I think the LDAP committer group is largely redundant. This would give
it a new role.]

The PMC does not need to involve the board in changes to the committer group.
Updates to the LDAP group can be made by a PMC chair.
Apart from the actual Commons chair there are other chairs on the PMC
as well as Infra folks, so that should not be an issue once it has
been decided on the RM.

So it would be a relatively simple process to grant karma to a new RM
once any necessary technical changes have been made.


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