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From Duncan Jones <>
Subject [lang] testTimeZoneStrategyPattern() runs twice for no apparent gain
Date Sat, 11 Apr 2015 07:02:01 GMT
Hi everyone,

Lang takes a few minutes to build on my system, so I was examining
execution times of tests to see if anything can be improved.

I noticed that FastDateParserTest.testTimeZoneStrategyPattern() takes
quite a long time to execute (over 40 seconds for me). Then I noticed
this is executed twice, once for FastDateParserTest and once for the
subclass FastDateFormat_ParserTest. Yet the method doesn't appear to
use the result of getInstance(). As a result, we don't want this being
executed by subclasses as it gains us nothing.

Before I refactor this test, possibly into a separate
TimeZoneStrategyTest class, can anyone suggest a reason not to? Or a
better solution / location for the test?


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