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From Sergio Fernández <>
Subject Re: [ALL] [RDF] Commons RDF approach
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2015 10:13:02 GMT

On 03/02/15 18:55, Reto Gmür wrote:
>> Personally I've always seen Jena and Sesame as the real implementations.
> They sure are two of the best and most popular triplestore arounds,
> nevertheless an API should map the standards to Java, not concrete
> implementations. That's what clerezza wants to do, and if that's your goal
> we should join our forces.

Well, for me the main motivation behind this simple library is revise an 
historical incompatibility issue in the Java world. In particular, 
commons RDF aims to provide a type-safe, non-general API that covers RDF 

The simple implementation in-memory is something that has been 
discussed, and we already have a prototype. So I see Clerezza providing 
another implementation, just like Jena or Sesame will do, that would be 
great indeed.

>> Please, take aside the blank nodes discussion for now. Such single
>> technical detail is something would be solved later, as soon as the scope
>> of the project becomes clearer. Giving such level of importance does not
>> allow you to see the forest for the trees.
> I think it is the most important difference between the two proposed APIs.

Then it's a good point for further discussion, as many other aspects 
will be.

>> I could say the same about neutrality... The current Commons RDF at GitHub
>> is the result of several discussions with the two major Java toolkits.
> The API is the API in use in clerezza for >5 years, with some changes we
> discussed at clerezza to accommodate the changes that came with RDF 1.1 and
> with some renamings to make the names more intuitive.

Well, we cannot compare the usage of that API in comparison with Jena or 
Sesame, we have to be honest about that. We designed the API based on 
the experience and backgrounds from developers of both libraries (Andy 
and Peter, I'm just a 'facilitator'), but I'm sure yours is valuable too.

>> Then, I have to ask, should I include you in the proposal?
> Sure, add me to the list.

Nice to have you on board! Just added your name to the current draft at 
Incubator's wiki:


Sergio Fernández
Partner Technology Manager
Redlink GmbH
m: +43 660 2747 925

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