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From sebb <>
Subject [VOTE] (lazy consensus) Release Commons Parent 37
Date Sun, 25 Jan 2015 11:15:39 GMT
Hello All,

The Apache Commons Parent POM provides common settings for all Apache
Commons components.

This is a VOTE to release Commons Parent 37 from RC2.

This VOTE by LAZY-CONSENSUS is open for at least 72 hours until
January 28 11:30 UTC.

Changes in this version include:

Update plugins, add Animal Sniffer and site-basic profile

New features:
o                   Added Animal Sniffer profile (active by default)
o                   Allow to configure dependency excludes of
bundle-plugin with commons.osgi.excludeDependencies
o                   Added property commons.changes.onlyCurrentVersion
for changes plugin Jira report
o                   Allow changes Jira report maxEntries to be
overridden (default 100)
o                   Allow changes Jira report runOnlyAtExecutionRoot
to be overridden
o                   Added site-basic profile to allow quick generation
of the basic site docs

o                   Update minimum Maven prerequisite (as defined by
Findbugs) 3.0 -> 3.0.1
o                   Update org.apache:apache 15 to 16 (nop for
Commons: maven-compiler-plugin already contained source/target)
o                   Update Maven Project Info Reports Plugin : 2.7 => 2.8
o                   merged maven-3 profile into main body (Maven 2 is
no longer supported)
o                   renamed the profile jdk7-findbugs to jdk7-plugin-fix-version
o                   Update GPG Plugin : 1.5 => 1.6
o                   Update Antrun Plugin : 1.7 => 1.8

The files:

(SHA1: a85dfae7a1295e5aed75bd952e6795

(SHA1: 4353be4df574c893f54baea75a816a80d892322a)


The tag:
  Revision:  1654641

The site: None.

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