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From Duncan Jones <>
Subject Re: [ALL] Too much traffic on the "dev" ML
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2015 15:19:34 GMT
On 16 January 2015 at 14:54, Torsten Curdt <> wrote:
>> Concerning [Math], when the possibility was raised, the majority
>> thought that development within Commons had practical advantages
>> (through shared burden of the development environment).
>> I'm stating again the fact that nobody is involved in a "Commons"
>> project programming-wise; hence it does not make sense, in principle,
>> to have to share the programming discussions on the same ML.
> The conclusion you derive from the fact is only an opinion though.
> Maybe it does make sense for others to hear what's going on in Math?
> ...and be it just for the board reports?
>> If it did, all the Apache (programming) project could as well share
>> the same list. [We'd just have to set up filters, wouldn't we?]
> That comparison is pretty flawed as those projects are not tiny components.
> I've never a great fan of umbrellas but the components are so small -
> I don't see another option. The thought of components to go TLP feels
> just plain silly to me. Hence it would be great to work together as a
> community that takes care of those components.
> While from a practical standpoint (if everyone filters anyway) you
> might be right, my guess is that a community with many list will not
> have the same feeling of affiliation.

I think the sense of community achieved by receiving all emails is
minimal to nil. Most people appear to set up filters, which is a lot
of duplicated work and prone to error. I've missed emails before
because they were misspelled "[ANOUNCE]" , which didn't trigger my
filters. I could use the mail archives if I needed to see emails from
another component to which I'm not subscribed.

I would be in favour of total segregation, even including issues and
commits, but I appreciate the latter two might be challenging to


> cheers,
> Torsten
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