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From Sergio Fernández <>
Subject [ALL] [RDF] Commons RDF approach
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2015 16:22:17 GMT
Hi everybody,

after the intense discussions last weeks, this week we're coming down to 
what could be a suitable approach for Commons RDF.

Summarizing, we understand that the Apache Commons project wants to keep 
the communication rules as they currently are. Though we think that in 
this phase of the Commons RDF project, which focuses on the API design 
and actively involves the developers of existing toolkits, it is better 
to have a more focused community and infrastructure. Therefore we have 
come to the conclusion that incubation is probably the best path, and 
then gradually prepare the Commons RDF community for working within the 
larger Apache Commons community. So we invite everybody to join the 
project in case you are interested, particularly the current module at 

In the following days we plan to discuss the proposal with the Incubator 
PMC (we already started to work on a draft ) with the 
clear mid-term goal of coming back graduated as a Apache Commons module. 
Since the path is clear, although Andy or myself could do it because we 
are IPMC members, I'd like to have a Champion who is also part of the 
Commons PMC, any volunteer?

We hope this is a satisfactory solution for everybody. I personally 
apologize for the noised caused, but all discussions with you guys were 
really good.


Sergio Fernández
Partner Technology Manager
Redlink GmbH
m: +43 660 2747 925

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