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From Luc Maisonobe <>
Subject Re: [MATH] Github pull request notifications don't work
Date Sun, 11 Jan 2015 10:23:53 GMT

Le 10/01/2015 22:39, Phil Steitz a écrit :
> On 1/8/15 4:11 AM, James Carman wrote:
>> Apache Camel's pull requests do show up on the dev list.  It might be
>> nice to see these.  Otherwise, we might not know there is a
>> contribution out there waiting for us.
> I would rather see them first on the dev list rather than
> auto-opening JIRAs for them.

There is another thing I find difficult with Github pull requests, it is
how to handle them. This may be because I am not really used to github

The pull request seems really github-centric. If you have write access
on the github original repository, everything is done so you can merge
the request with very little effort.

However, our github repository is only a mirror on our reference
repository, and we don't have write access to it, we have write accesss
to the Apache repository. So we can't use github tools, but in fact we
don't even have access to the explanation buttons to do things manually.
As an example the page
<> explains:

 The pull request page on GitHub includes custom instructions for
 manually merging a pull request on the command line. You can use these
 instructions if your pull request can't be merged online, or if you'd
 like to test your changes locally before merging. These instructions
 can be found near the Merge pull request button.

But ... I never found these instructions, most probably because they
don't appear on the web page because I don't have write access there.

So I end up doint thing manually, finding the commands by myself. This
includes declaring the contributor repository as a new remote dependency
in my local repository, fetching the request and reviewing it, and later
pushing it on Apache repository if I am happy with it. This is what I
did a feww weeks ago with Hank request, and more recently with Benedikt
request (this is a simple application of the use case explained in the

In Benedikt case, as I directly pushed the original commit, it seems
Github identified it as such when mirroring our repo, and it closed the
request automatically.

In Hank case, however, I did change a few things, so the github did not
identify it. Hence, the pull request number 3 for MATH-1138
<> is still open, despite
it has been handled. Here again, as I don't have write access on github
mirror repository, I cannot close it.

Does anyone know how to handle this?

best regards,

> Phil
>> On Thu, Jan 8, 2015 at 5:53 AM, Benedikt Ritter <> wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> it looks like the push request notifications are not set up for the new
>>> repository. I've opened but
>>> nothing was send to the list. Since I don't know whether this is
>>> intentionally, I'll not create an INFRA ticket for this.
>>> Benedikt
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