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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject Re: [MATH] src/userguide/pom.xml does not use Commons Parent
Date Fri, 09 Jan 2015 04:44:45 GMT
On 1/8/15 7:02 PM, sebb wrote:
> As the subject says.
> This makes it very tricky to compile & test with anything other than
> the Maven JVM.
> Recent versions of Maven require 1.6.
> Any objections to adding CP 36 as a parent?

Yes.  I just wasted an hour fiddling with the main [math] build
trying to get it to work under JDK 1.5 so I could just run the
tests.  Adding more unseen cruft to builds is to be avoided unless
really necessary.  Honestly, a simple build.xml would be way easier
for people actually wanting to compile the examples to use. 

<rant>About 45 minutes in, I realized why I hate the way we use
maven.  We seem to want to create these monstrous "push one button"
things when what we need are small, sharp tools.  I really wish
there were a way to get to a well-factored, cleanly integrated set
of build scripts / tools instead of the morass of visible and hidden
xml that is our pom structure.   I would never design anything as
convoluted as the pom structure of math + commons parent + apache
parent + maven land as a solution to a programming problem.  But we
seem to want to just keep piling more stuff into it.  Aaargh!</rant>

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