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From Phil Steitz <>
Subject [math][dbcp][pool] Apachecon NA (Austin)
Date Fri, 02 Jan 2015 21:45:15 GMT
I am thinking about submitting a proposal or two for Austin.  I
could update / extend the pool/dbcp talk I did last year or try a
[math] talk.  I would love to have company developing and / or
presenting either of these.  Is anyone else interested in working on
a talk on either of these?  Any suggestions on content?

For [math] I have always wanted to do a high level overview followed
by some real world examples.  It would be great to make the examples
part a community effort.

For [pool] / [dbcp] I did the boring part last year - summary of
changes in the 2.x versions, migration, etc. - so this year I could
focus on examples and best practices.  Again, a great thing to work
together on.

Another crazy idea I have had is a talk on how hard it is to design
stable APIs, using [math] as an example.  That talk would also call
out some of the special challenges that you run into modelling
mathematical objects using OO constructs.  Might be a little painful
to develop, but also maybe a little cathartic ;)


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