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From Luc Maisonobe <>
Subject [math] adding a profil for Ekstasi test optimizer
Date Mon, 15 Dec 2014 21:50:49 GMT
Hi all,

A fex weeks ago, Milos Gligoric proposed to add his Ekstazi project to
improve tests runs during development time (see
<>). The rationale is that
after a first (long) and complete test run, some fingerprints are stored
and only a subset of test is rerun if only a few classes have changed.
The project home is <>.

I have tested it and the latest version worked pretty well for me.
Typically the latest changes from today between commits 59fe593 and
809f0f8 did change 31 files, but in fact most changes were javadoc and
only one class really changed (LevyDistribution with an added
constructor). This was detected and only the Levy distribution tests
were run, which is a huge speedup for a project with as many tests as we
have in [math].

In order to activate this, the only thing required is to add a profile
in our pom which will pull a maven plugin. Milos did prepare the patch
for us here: <>.
Once the patch is applied, if we run tests with the profile activated
(i.e. with -Pekstasi in the maven command line), then tests are run
according to the profile. The first time it is done all tests are run
and a .eksazi folder is created to hold the fingerprints (we should
probably also add it to .gitignore). If we don't use the profile, all
tests are run as usual.

Accroding to what I have seen on the project homepage, they intend to
publish the project under Apache V2 license, but the source code seems
not yet available (anyway, it is a build tool, not a code dependency).

Do you agree with adding this profile to our pom?

best regards,

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