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From Thomas Neidhart <>
Subject Re: [ALL] Do we need help?
Date Sat, 29 Nov 2014 16:31:10 GMT
On 11/29/2014 11:53 AM, Benedikt Ritter wrote:
> Hi all,
> currently I feel really overwhelmed by the stuff I'd like to do at commons
> and the little time I can spend for it. Here is an (incomplete) list of the
> things I'd like to work on:

Hi Benedikt,

> - get a new release of the build plugin out of the door for auto creating
> and
> - Work on [VALIDATOR] and get a new release out of the door
> - Work on [DBUTILS] and get a new release out of the door
> - Push [lang] 3.4 out of the door
> - Have a look at [compress] 2.0
> - Backport important fixes from [collections] 4.0 to 3.x and create a last
> service update
> - work on [text]
> - help releasing [imaging] 1.0
> - Improve docs on how to get involved at commons
> - Organize a logo contest for commons
> - ... many more

this sounds like you set your goals too high and are frustrated that you
don't get all the things done. I guess this is a common scheme for
ambitious/passionate people. Try to set more realistic goals and finish
them before doing other / more things. Then you will get the positive
feedback of achieving something and everything will be better.

> I wonder how you feel about this. I have the feeling that a lot of people
> ask us to fix stuff and release components but we don't really catch up
> with this. This will give people the feeling that we are slow or we simply
> don't care.
> Whenever I see someone posting on JIRA "can you please fix this, we need
> this in out application" and nobody is reacting, I feel tempted to jump
> right in, even if I don't know the component (which adds another entry to
> the list above).
> I don't see a way how we can improve this. My feeling is, that we need more
> committers. But then I have the comments of people I've talked to in my
> ear: "to old school", "to difficult to get involved", "to slow development
> process", "to unwelcoming community". So what do we do? Do we need help?
> I'm excited to hear your thoughts :-)

yeah, this is a general problem of commons imho. There are too many
components for a too small community as most of the original committers
have long left.

The only way out is to do what we tried a couple of months ago: move not
maintained components to dormant, and keep the others alive with the
existing people.

Just one example: jelly is a nice thing and actually used within jenkins
as the backbone html generator. But it is re-packaged within jenkins
custom bugfixes as the last jelly release (1.0) was in 2005.

Similar things apply for el or primitives.

These components are long dead and there are very good alternatives
available, so they should be abandoned. Cut off the dead branches to
keep the tree alive.


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