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From Milos Gligoric <>
Subject Faster regression testing
Date Sun, 26 Oct 2014 18:47:12 GMT
We have developed a tool that speeds up the execution of JUnit tests
by detecting recent changes and running only a subset of tests.  Our
tool, called Ekstazi (pronounced "ecstasy") is available online
(Apache 2.0 license):

We have tried Ekstazi on several Apache projects and obtained
significant savings in execution time (on average over several
revisions).  Here are the results over several recent revisions in
Commons Math when executing "ant test" (the output includes
SHA, execution time, and the number of executed tests).
(The script that I used to obtain the results is
available here:

==================== RESULTS ====================
Revision: a67f0a33e68abf1c985db28b19ce70f427fd48bd
Total time: 8 minutes 51 seconds
Number of tests: 6164

Revision: 9d14fe21a4044dafc984e1626ac5f465e35179ee
Total time: 5 seconds
Number of tests: 53

Revision: 69273dca6188a3d7d629d0d32dcf9cdb5b6c1036
Total time: 17 seconds
Number of tests: 64

Revision: 0dec6e76fb544fa3e8bf5fd17f16314735971dd7
Total time: 4 seconds
Number of tests: 3

Revision: a3fdeb4da91d8aef50f40a3f9906494593ce2eca
Total time: 1 minute 54 seconds
Number of tests: 1190

Revision: fc7eeb4801b1ea7524b9329d5584c2e5ed945913
Total time: 4 seconds
Number of tests: 3

Revision: d26810c0d98bacce22363ad6ec327eebeb1afacf
Total time: 3 seconds
Number of tests: 0

It should be trivial to integrate Ekstazi in your development process;
Ekstazi is available as Ant task and Maven plugin (from Maven
central).  We would be happy to help you with the integration. If you
have any question or feature request, let us know.


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