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From luc <>
Subject Re: [Math] Too many changes? (Was: [13/13] git commit: Fixed lots of warnings due to missing @Deprecated annotations)
Date Tue, 23 Sep 2014 12:58:56 GMT
Hi Gilles,

Le 2014-09-23 12:51, Gilles a écrit :
> Hi Luc.
> The commit contains many more changes that just the added annotation:
> removed imports, removed variables, type changes, deleted code...
> Most changes are probably harmless but it is not obvious for all.
> Could it be that you unintentionally mixed too many commits?

Yes, I'm sorry about this.
I was fixing a lot of warnings (more than 2600!) that appeared after 
some updates
(Eclipse update to Eclipse Luna and probably also Java 8 being installed 
I updated my Debian Jessie distribution).

So the overall goal is still to simply remove warnings, most of which 
are related to
deprecated classes, but not all of them.

Most of the changes were done in the test part. The few changes in the 
library part concern
ValueServer, which delegated some code to deprecated RandomDataImpl, 
which itself delegated to
RandomDataGenerator, so I have streamlined this ti directly use 
RandomDataGenerator and keep RandomDataImpl
only in a cosntructor that was already deprecated.

I'll try to refrain to mix things again. The huge commit for the 
@Deprecated test classes was worth doing
in a single pass, but the ValueServer changes should have been in a 
separate commit.

Sorry for this

> Best,
> Gilles
> On Tue, 23 Sep 2014 09:20:56 -0000, wrote:
>> Fixed lots of warnings due to missing @Deprecated annotations.
>> Project:
>> Commit: 
>> Tree: 
>> Diff: 
>> Branch: refs/heads/master
>> Commit: e875e6d59875be86fb8de8df7642c370b652eb76
>> Parents: abffaf3
>> Author: Luc Maisonobe <>
>> Authored: Mon Sep 22 18:07:54 2014 +0200
>> Committer: Luc Maisonobe <>
>> Committed: Mon Sep 22 18:07:54 2014 +0200

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