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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release BCEL 6.0 based on RC3
Date Tue, 30 Sep 2014 10:50:33 GMT
Hi Konstantin,

Thank you very much for the feedback.

> I have the following concerns:
> 1) Someone was testing Tomcat usage of BCEL and found that using this
> caching did not improve performance, but reduced it for our use case.
> It was reported in the following Bugzilla issue:

Do you have more details on the size of the jars used to measure the
performance? Did the test let enough time for the JIT to kick in?

> 2) Configuration of this cache depends on reading System properties such as
> final static boolean BCEL_DONT_CACHE = Boolean.getBoolean("bcel.dontCache");
> It is a bit odd to me to configure a library via system properties.
> At least there could be a static setter for that flag, or a static
> setter for a cache instance / a factory class.

I agree, a system property was probably good for Findbugs if it forks
its own VM, but not for a general purpose library.

> 3) RELEASE-NOTES.txt describes this change as
> [BCEL-163] Incorporate patch file from Findbugs
> which does not say much about this change.
> Actually this change introduced caching for ConstantUtf8 and
> ObjectType instances.

I'll update it if I roll a new RC.

Emmanuel Bourg

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