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From Alex <>
Subject [dbutils] Add loading from SQL files to QueryLoader
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2014 17:01:25 GMT
It is pretty convenient to work with queries in a sql file: it can be 
loaded into SQL client (e.g. SQuirrel) and queries can be tested by by 
selecting/running them; you get SQL syntax highlighting and you can save 
from SQL client directly to your project resources directory as you work 
on the queries.
I have this functionality implemented and using it extensively in a 
Scala project and would like to push it to DbUtils instead. Query names 
are delimeted by triple dash and a colon - see attached examples with 
and without tricky comments (that get filtered out during loading whole 
thing into a Map).
I can translate it to Java easily enough - would this be accepted upstream?
/--Regards, Alex/

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