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From Benedikt Ritter <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION] commons-rdf
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2014 11:12:34 GMT
Hello Sergio,

first of all, welcome the Apache Commons dev mailing list. It's nice to
hear that you have decided to share code with others using the Apache
Commons project.

In the past we had the policy, that the commons sandbox is free for all ASF
committers. So you could have started coding at commons right from the
beginning ;-)
Since you already bringing a group of people who are willing to work on the
component, I don't have a problem with letting commons-rdf join the sandbox.

Using git may be an issue. We had long discussions about svn vs. git and we
came to the conclusion that using the one or the other should be decided on
a component basis by the developers of the components. So far only Commons
Math is really taking action to migrate to git.
If you really want to use git, we need to figure out how we can integrate
that with our release process. Having you join us, may be a chance for us
to learn from more experienced git users ;-)
I'm not sure about the git PRs. Does that involve github? What about the IP
in such a case? It legal okay with that?

About the commons-rdf code itself: I only took a very brief look. As far as
I understand this is only supposed to be an API, hence there are no
implementation classes, right? One thing that caught my eye is
BlankNoreOrIRI... Is this defined as such in the standard? It just feels
wrong, and I'm seeing people doing:

if(term instanceof BlankNode)
  BlankNode node = (BlankNode) term
  IRI iri = (IRI) term

But as I said, I only too a very brief look and I don't know RDF too well.
Further more, where are the license headers in your files?!


2014-07-21 12:24 GMT+02:00 Sergio Fernández <>:

> Dear Commons community,
> I'd like to start a discussion about incubating a new commons component we
> have been developing in the last weeks at github: commons-rdf [1].
> RDF (Resource Description Framework [2]) is a W3C framework for
> representing information in the Web. The core structure of the abstract
> syntax is a set of triples, each consisting of a subject, a predicate and
> an object. A set of such triples is called an RDF graph. An RDF graph can
> be visualized as a node and directed-arc diagram, in which each triple is
> represented as a node-arc-node link. RDF abstract syntax can be serialized
> using different formats (XML, JSON, Turtle, etc.).
> In the Java world there has been historically an incompatibility issue
> between the two major RDF toolkits: Apache Jena and OpenRDF Sesame. Commons
> RDF takes an approach to interoperability that is completely different from
> what has been done so far. This is a library that does not attempt to be a
> generic API wrapping for these libraries, but provide a set of interfaces
> for the RDF 1.1 concepts that can be used to expose cores concepts using
> common Java interfaces. In the initial phase Commons RDF is focused on a
> subset of the core concepts defined by RDF 1.1 (URI/IRI, Blank Node,
> Literal, Triple, and Graph). In particular, Commons RDF aims to provide a
> type-safe, non-general API that covers RDF 1.1. In a future other aspects
> around RDF (datasets, query, etc.) may be also included.
> The project counts in ASF commiters of related project (Jena, Marmotta,
> Any23) as well of developers of OpenRDF Sesame. At this stage we already
> have a very initial version that implementations (Jena and Sesame) could
> start to play around to validate and provide early feedback. But for that
> we should do it properly and avoid confusion and potential trademark issues
> with the naming we're already using (both groupId and namespace). Therefore
> we'd like to ask how to proceed further to include the new component in the
> Commons sandbox.
> For the moment all the work has been completely organized based on git
> workflow (new features or design proposals as PRs to be discussed, etc). It
> not only allows us to work together, but also helps to get contributions
> from early users; so we can say the model is quite agile and successful.
> Therefore keep using git is a very important requirement for us. I saw that
> all commons-* use svn, so is there any way to us the ASF git infrastructure
> for incubating this new component?
> All feedback will be appreciated.
> Kind regards,
> [1]
> [2]
> --
> Sergio Fernández
> Partner Technology Manager
> Redlink GmbH
> m: +43 660 2747 925
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