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From Andy Seaborne <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSSION] commons-rdf
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2014 13:03:20 GMT
On 21/07/14 12:12, Benedikt Ritter wrote:
> About the commons-rdf code itself: I only took a very brief look. As far as
> I understand this is only supposed to be an API, hence there are no
> implementation classes, right? One thing that caught my eye is
> BlankNoreOrIRI... Is this defined as such in the standard? It just feels
> wrong, and I'm seeing people doing:
> if(term instanceof BlankNode)
>    BlankNode node = (BlankNode) term
> else
>    IRI iri = (IRI) term
> But as I said, I only too a very brief look and I don't know RDF too well.
> Further more, where are the license headers in your files?!

Hi all,

It's a feature of the data format - we're putting a strictly typed 
interface on a differently typed data model and dynamically downcasting 
is fundamentally yukky.

A graph node (the first slot in a triple - triples being graph edges) 
can be one of two different things.

Fixing RDF or fixing Java aren't options :-) so we're left with a 

Once upon a previous spec, it was a "Resource" (as in "Resource 
Description Framework") but "Resource" is now a wider term and "(web) 
resource in web architecture is used for various different things with 
different nuances.


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