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From Evan Ward <>
Subject [math] git svn setup
Date Thu, 29 May 2014 22:16:21 GMT

I'm trying to setup write access for the clone I have of the github
[math] repository. I thought that since every commit in that repository
already had a git-svn-id it would be relatively easy, so I ran git svn
init and git svn fetch. But the fetch has been running for ~5 hours now
and seems to be checking out every commit individually! Is this typical
of what other people using git svn have seen?  How did other git svn
users setup their repository?

When I was searching the mail archives about this I saw a few emails
about [math] switching to git, but didn't see a final decision. Is that
still in progress? Maybe I'll just wait until the writable git
repository gets set up...

Best Regards,

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