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From Thomas Vandahl>
Subject [jcs] JCache implementation review
Date Fri, 02 May 2014 15:13:02 GMT
Hi folks,

I took some time to look over the code of the JCache implementation and
I have some suggestions for simplification (under the assumption that I
understood the intention correctly).

- JCS does not implement the same model of cache element expiry, however
a few more existing features could be used. The question is how strict
are the requirements of the JSR. I think that most of the functionality
of JCSElement is already there in ICacheElement.

- I'd like to move Statistics to the core. The cache statistics of JCS
are too scattered and this class would very much improve this situation.

- JCS has element event handling built-in. It works, however, for expiry
and spool events only. I made a few modifications so that the additional
events for create, update etc. can be added easily.

- The code produces quite a few warnings referring to type safety and
possible NPEs. I guess this could be improved.

- The code of the core and jcache modules compiles fine here and all
tests pass (MacOS 10.6.8, JDK 1.6.0_65). The 1.6 compiler needed some
additional support with CacheTest, however.

- Wonder where the commons-math3 dependency comes from?

Bye, Thomas.

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